HRD Plans to Introduce an Ordinance for University Faculty Recruitment Reservation

26 Oct, 2018
HRD Plans to Introduce an Ordinance for University Faculty Recruitment Reservation

HRD or Human Resource Development Ministry may introduce an ordinance to bring back the reservation policy in making appointment of teachers in the universities in the next two weeks.

One of the HRD ministry official stated, “We have responded to the queries raised by the law ministry on some of the irregularities and are looking forward for the final approval on the ordinance.”

Prakash Javadekar, HRD minister quoted last week that he was quite vigilant about the issues related to the faculty reservation and was pulling the socks to take action.

In October 2017, UGC or the University Grants Commission had introduced certain rules to apply the reservation at the department level, rather than at the university level. Allahabad High Court order of April 2017 was followed by UGC. Due to the new rules of UGC, there are huge protests across the universities.

The ministry is waiting for the hearing of the special leave petition that is supposed to be given on faculty reservation in the Supreme Court. The high court decision is supposed to be reversed by the ministry moved court.

As per the official of HRD, “The hearing will be made by the end of this month. In case of any delay, we will proceed for an ordinance, as due to this the appointments may get slowed down.”

The official stated that the law ministry had probed to the HRD ministry to mention all the irregularities pertaining to the reservation policy of teaching staff. On one hand where the reservation of scheduled caste and scheduled tribe in case of faculty appointment is taking place across all the levels right from the assistant professors to the professors, there is a flip side where the reservation for other backward classes is applicable only up to the level of assistant professor.

The official added, “The matter of expanding the OBC reservations cross all levels is supposed to be raised post consultation with all the stake holders. We actually wish to let the reservation roster remains the same with the university as the unit, rather than the department as a unit.”

A professor from Delhi University quoted, “The UGC reservation rules that are in place for last year are coming across the social inclusion in appointments. It is the ministry that has to immediately take the decision through an ordinance on this subject. If not, it will result into two consequences. One would be the large protest in the campuses and other one may lead to the delayed appointment of teacher that may affect the educational activities.”

As per the statement of the ministry, there are various vacancies at central universities that exceed the count of 6,000. It would be impossible to fill these vacancies until the rules of reservation get finalized.

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