HRD Ministry to remove deemed from university names, says Javadekar

31 Jan, 2019

NOIDA– On Wednesday, the HRD Minister Prakash Javadekar said that the government is actively planning to introduce a policy to change the classification of “deemed universities” to abolish the word “deemed”.

There have been discussions and debates ongoing on if a university should write “deemed to be university”. Due to legal norms, the universities have to introduce their affiliation status like this. But according to HRD Minister, the government will soon introduce a policy to ensure that a university just needs to address itself as a university.

While inaugurating the new block of National Museum Institute of History of Art, Conservation and Museology in Noida, the HRD minister conveyed the same information. Union Culture Minister (independent charge) Mahesh Sharma was also present in the event.

Javadekar, on his 68th birthday, mentioned that the government is quite actively working on a museum proposal that would showcase and exhibit the India’s educational tradition and history that has been lasting for the ages now.

“During the struggle for independence in India, there were leaders like Madan Mohan Malviya and Bal Gangadhar Tilak who contributed a lot to the educational reformation in India. They started new schools and   colleges with a vision that no one would remain uneducated in independent India,” he said.

In the past time, India were the education hub for the students from all across the globe and that time universities like Nalanda and Takshila were recognized the way US-based universities are today. India have been a treasure of knowledge and education is our heritage, he specially mentioned.

While inaugurating the new building of National Museum Institute, the minister also said that museums will also worth-visiting and take the Indian education to a new height.

He stated’ “Presently there are 250 students in this institute and they are sure to double up in a very short span of time.” The institute is planning to introduce few new courses focused on imparting education on India’s heritage conservation.


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