HRD Ministry to Establish Board of Governors for IIMs

13 Nov, 2018
HRD Ministry to Establish Board of Governors for IIMs

NOIDA- On November 12, the HRD Ministry has declared the procedure of setting up new Board of Governors (BoG) for every Indian Institute of Management as per the new IIM Act.

As per the communique published by the ministry, all the Boards had to be formed afresh with the three ex-officio members and these are current director of the institute, Union government on the Board and existing representatives of the state government. The members are supposed to choose one chairperson after which the BoG would select five alumni members.

As per the declaration by the ministry, “In the initial board meeting, there would be the formulation of the regulations pertaining to the selection of (four) eminent persons and two faculty members. Depending upon this, usually the present serving persons would be chosen for a complete term.” The last date given by the government to the IIMs to form the new boards would be December 15.

The government addressed the declaration as “historic” and stated that it has given a comprehensive power and authority to the higher educational institutions.

Dheeraj Sharma, director of IIM-Rohtak quoted that this will lead to the higher greater autonomy for making the choice of the appropriate board members to take IIMs to another level.

The director of one of the IIMs informed the media that the procedure of formulating the Board, as specified by the government, was “bad” of the principles of good governance is considered.

He further added, “As per my opinion, the foremost step is not right. Basically the director is considered to be the CEO of the institute and is selected by the chairman. The director is not supposed to choose the chairman. This exemplifies the worse governance.”

The director further quoted, “See the scenario of acting directors where IIM Lucknow and Calcutta have the same at the present moment. Can they participate for the new Board? Technically, the IIM Acts states that it must be a full-time director. However, we are yet to get clarification on the same.”

He again stated, “The ministry has quoted that the Chairman and the ex-officio members will co-opt five alumni and then the meeting will be organized to form the regulations for the appointment of the remaining Board members. As per my mindset, it is not legal. There is no clause of passing the regulations by a fraction of the Board.”

The procedure of formulating the BoG was taken up by the HRD Ministry in coordination with the PMO and the Law Ministry.

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