Heinous teachers make girls strip to check their sanitary pads in a Punjab school

05 Nov, 2018
Heinous teachers make girls strip to check their sanitary pads in a Punjab school

NOIDA- An incident took place at the Government school of Fazilka district in Punjab where the girl students were stripped by the teachers allegedly to verify which of them was wearing a sanitary pad. This was done when one sanitary pad was found discarded in the washroom of the school.

A video clip also went viral where some girl students were crying badly and raising the objection that the teachers stripped them inside the premises of the school which is situated in Kundal village.

Once this matter came into limelight, Amarinder Singh, the Chief Minister of Punjab took action against two teachers and initiated their transfer and also ordered the inquiry.

Basically, the teachers took this step to find out the culprit of throwing the sanitary pad in the toilet and that is why they were searching for the girl who was wearing the napkin.

As per the sources, the teachers have done wrong and should be given the punishment. They could have enhanced the awareness of cleanliness in this matter among the students and also about the proper disposal of the pads for hygiene purpose. However, they took a different way out to investigate the matter and stripped the students, which was not at all right.

The Chief Minister has given the instructions to Krishan Kumar, the Education Secretary for the completion of probing in this matter by Monday so that further action can be taken.

The district education officer was ordered to go to the school to look into the case. The officer raised the questions to the students and their parents after which the names of two teachers came out as culprits.

As per the sources of the government, the disciplinary action will explicitly be taken against the teachers post recording of the students’ statements. The Chief Minister Amarinder Singh directed the Education Secretary to take active part in monitoring the investigation and provide him the final report on November 5.

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