Gurgaon Girl Wins This Year’s ‘Doodle for Google’ Contest

14 Nov, 2019
'Doodle For Google' Contest WInner

Gurgaon girl Divyanshi Singhal’s walking trees is the winner of the ‘Doodle for Google’ contest this year. She was selected from among 20 national finalists – four finalists each in the five class groups. Divyanshi is a student of Delhi Public School, Gurgaon and had submitted her entry in class 1-2 group.

As the National winner, Ms. Divyanshi has won Rs. 5,00,000 college scholarship and Rs. 200,000 technology award for her school. But most important of all, her creative and thoughtful doodle will be on the Google India homepage for the entire day on Children’s Day.

‘Doodle for Google’ contest is held annually for students in classes 3 to 10. This year, the theme around which the contestants needed to doodle was ‘When I grow up, I hope…’. Along with the Doodle, participants also had to submit a small write-up explaining what they have drawn and how it represents something they hope for.

“When I grow up, I hope the trees could walk or fly. The land could be cleared so easily without making them die. There would be so less deforestation and humans can just ask trees and their friends to move to another place. With movable oxygen generators it will be a beginning of new era,” Ms. Divyanshi wrote along with the winning entry.

The four Group Winners, who do not become the National Winner, will have their doodles featured on the Doodle for Google gallery. They will receive Rs. 250,000 college scholarship, and Rs. 100,000 technology package for their respective schools.

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