Govt. Teachers In Delhi find Biometric Attendance System a sheer Wastage of Time

21 Sep, 2018
Govt. Teachers In Delhi find Biometric Attendance System

Govt. Teachers In Delhi find Biometric Attendance System – The teachers of some Government schools in Delhi have put the question mark on the introduction of biometric system for their attendance when they also have to mark their presence in the register. With this, the teachers have been suffering from the last two weeks as they have to visit the school half an hour before the regular timing but leave at late hours. This is because of the long queue of marking attendance in bio-metric system and mentioning their Aadhar number

One of the Government school teachers who doesn’t want to disclose her identity stated, “We will have to reach the school by 6.30 am to punch the attendance in biometric system as the regular timing is 7 am. If we come late, we will have to face long queue due to which sometimes our attendance timing will be marked as late.”

The teacher at Government Boys Senior Secondary School, Sunder Nagri – Shoaib Rana has also expressed his views on biometric attendance system quoting, “Why there is the system where we need to mention our Aadhaar numbers? This is the primary factor that is taking so much time. Most of the times it does not read the finger prints. The teachers who have to go far away by boarding the trains will have to bear a lot. Sometimes they even miss the trains due to which they reach late. The system is a big failure in case of biometric attendance at schools.”

Another teacher probed saying,” What is the purpose of introducing such a tool when at the end of the time we will have to keep the register also for recording the attendance. It’s totally the wastage of our precious time.”

DoE or Directorate of Education uploads the Employee Attendance Report on its web portal and is then available for the people. Rana further added, “We need additional bio-metric systems as the requirement is more. We have raised the demand but the DoE has yet to respond on this. Still there is a wide range of schools where biometric system for teachers’ attendance is not implemented.”

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