Google launches app ‘Bolo’ to help children improve Hindi and English reading skills

06 Mar, 2019
Google Bolo App launches

Noida – On Wednesday, Google unveiled an app ‘Bolo’ to help the children at primary stage brush up their English and Hindi learning skills. The prime aim of this app is to bridge the learning gap and it is made available on Google Play store in India.

As per Product Manager of Google India, Mr. Nitin Kashyap, “Bolo, being a reading-tutor app, is built to help the students improve their learning skills with an anytime, anywhere access. With Bolo, Google aims at nurturing the kids towards learning and making it a daily habit.”

Engineering Lead of Bolo, Zohair Hyder said, “We all must have experienced the reading along with someone interactively with 1:1 feedback helps you learn things quickly. Most of the children in rural and semi-urban areas are in dearth of such support. Bolo will help the children feel the same experience as if they are learning with someone. Just a smartphone is good to go with Bolo.”

The app employs the Google’s voice recognition system and text-to-speech technology to operate. Diya- a learning buddy is in-built in this app to encourage, aid, and help the kids.

As per Google, the results given by pilot project with Bolo were promising. With the help of AER centre, they started experimenting with 900 children from 200 different villages. According to outcome, over 64% children showed the sign of remarkable improvement in terms of reading proficiency in just a quarter year.

To engage the students, this app has stored interesting stories, learning practices, and reading ability exercises and the kids are sure to learn the reading habits without any distraction with the help of Bolo. In order to warrant the safety and security of the kids, all the recorded personal information remains stored on the device.

Moreover, the app needs no internet connection to operate and its operations are completely offline. It’s an ad-free platform and solely designed for learning of the kids without any distractions.

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