Google Emerges as New Mentor to Teach Children Online Surfing Etiquettes

25 Oct, 2018
Google Emerges as New Mentor to Teach Children Online Surfing Etiquettes

Noida 25th October 2018: Google is on the path to make children learn how to act online with safety. This technology stalwart has initiated a digital-citizenship education programme “Be Internet Awesome” for the schools.

The lessons in the programme consist of a cartoon game with the logo of Google and color palette of blue, yellow, red and green. The game basically aims to save the students from third grade through sixth guard against the hackers and schemers.

Google has a mindset at the time of framing this programme that it would reach to about 5 million children of the school by the end of this year. For this, it has planned to organize the relevant workshops for the parents with the support of National Parent Teacher Association.

However, Google has faced the criticism for this move owing to the fact that it itself tracks the actions of the users online. Some critics argued that Google should not be allowed to promote their own brand in the light of making a digital connect with the schools.

Julianne Yi , the leader of the programme by Google, quoted in a statement that it is quite knowledge gaining for the children, parents and teachers across the globe. The apex bodies like National PTA, the Family Online Safety Institute and the International Society for Technology in Education are the supporters of this programme.

The president of the National PTA, Jim Accomando stated that Google is exhibiting a live example of teaching the tech knowledge to the people across the world.

Interland is a cartoon game that actually provides the world of animation “presented by Google.” In this game, the children explore the hackers and spammers in “Reality River” and consider those in their social network who can view their post online on “Mindful Mountain.”

This game is basically designed to make children discover about digital world and its dark side of hacking and spamming. It gives them the online safety lessons so that they can surf the internet with confidence. Not only this, the programme also makes them a strong online user by teaching them the process to create the high strength passwords and also not to share the information with anyone.

Kevin Hodgson, a public-school teacher in western Massachusetts, who is taking his sixth-grade class on how to explore the internet, said that the programme launched by Google has given the students useful information about internet. He himself has given the training to the students in his lesson on how to make the strongest passwords.

He added that Google is teaching the children and others about the safe use of internet but the fact cannot be ignored that the company is on the path of tracking the personal data of the users to present the same on ads.

The name of Google is there on every screen of the game Interland and also on the certificate of the programme which also includes the colors of Google. The curriculum depicts the cartoon robot that matches with the Android robot icon of the company.

There are certain observers that see the game as a large ad campaign for Google.

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