Four Tribal Students Voraciously Assaulted by ABVP Members at the University of Hyderabad

08 Oct, 2018
Four Tribal Students Voraciously Assaulted by ABVP Members

Just before the elections in the University of Hyderabad, the student supporters of Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP) have been found to allegedly assault four students of Tribal Students Forum (TSF) physically, as they had refused to vote for them in the elections. The incident had been noticed at around 9:30pm at the Men’s hostel- F on the Thursday night.

The TSF members have proclaimed that the ABVP members have attacked them physically, very brutally after getting drunk. Tensions have prevailed in the University in general, and within the TSF students in particular and this is the reason why the TSF members did not delay in filing a complaint with the University’s chief security officer.

The TSF President, Sundar Rathore said that when the students were returning from dinner to the hostel back, around 12 members from ABVP stopped four of the students and assaulted them physically, checked their pockets, stopped them from entering the hostel room, and also handed them over the manifesto of the ABVP thus, asking them forcibly to vote for the ABVP in the elections.

Some of the students who were indulged into the assault were the alumnus of the University and had beer bottles in their hands. Since the number of TSF members was outnumbered, the ABVP members had taken charge on them by beating them up. Before the President and other members could reach the hostel, the ABVP members had already left from the place after committing the assault.

The ABVP said that the election codes were violated by the TSF students as they were campaigning in the hostel. Uday Inala said that they had spotted the TSF members campaigning and confronting the transparent rules of the elections which were wrong. He also added that no one was drunk and the campaign was malicious spread forward by the United Democratic Alliance.

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