Four Sr. IIT-Kanpur Professors Arrested for Harassing a Dalit Faculty

21 Nov, 2018
Four Sr. IIT-Kanpur Professors Arrested for Harassing a Dalit Faculty

NOIDA- UP Police have lodged an FIR against the four senior professors of Indian Institute of Technology-Kanpur, Eshan Sharma, Rajiv Shekhar, Sanjay Mittal and C.S. Upadhyay –and an unknown person for harassing the dalit who is one of the faculty members of its aerospace department. The complaint was registered under the related sections of the Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe (Prevention of Atrocities) Act and IPC Section 500 (defamation).

Subrahmanyam Saderla is the victim in this case and has blamed the professors of spreading the rumours against him stating that he has got the advantages under reserved category and is not skilled enough.

Saderla had also approached to Professor A.K. Ghosh, the IIT director and the head of aerospace engineering department through email stating the whole story of harassment by the professors.

As per the official sources, three of the professors are at IIT-Kanpur but one of them was moved to IIT-Dhanbad few months before and is currently the director of the institute.

Saderla spoke to the media person and said, “Not only the caste-related discrimination I have been undergoing since the time I had become the part of IIT Kanpur, these professors have now putting question mark on my competency and the research work. They have also initiated to find out the things against my wife. I am constantly being harassed by them in a number of ways inside the institute.”

Maninder Agarwal who is the deputy director at IIT-Kanpur and former managing directors stated that the four professors had sent the message through emails that Saderla was not apt as a professor at an IIT.

He further added that Saderla lodged a complaint post all the harassment and a committee was formulated on January 12 for investigation.

A three-member committee was formed in this case which is led by the National Commission for Scheduled Castes. The committee has found the four professors guilty in April this year and directed the IIT-K to loadge a complaint against them under the SC/ST Act. The professors went to the Allahabad high court against the directive given by NCSC and the bench put a stay on the decision given by the commission stating that it is not under its powers.

As per the sources, IIT-Kanpur then formulated a committee to probe the facts and its head was a retired judge. The committee has found the professors guilty and the university was all set to take action. Mittal, Upadhyay and Shekhar had to face the punishment of demotion and Sharma was given the warning.

After all this, Saderla took the case to the police lodging an FIR against the professors. As per the report of the committee, the professors were the culprits of the caste related harassment. The police have registered the case with and the investigation will be commenced soon.

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