First Year Student of IIT Guwahati Commits Suicide Saying Engineering Sucks

13 Sep, 2018
First Year Student of IIT Guwahati Commits Suicide Saying -Engineering Sucks

Noida, 12th September, 2018: IIT Guwahati student, Nagashree was found hanged in her hostel room. She left a suicide note behind where she wrote Engineering Sucks.

An 18 – year old, Nagashree, the IIT student who was pursuing Engineering from Guwahati committed suicide as she was unhappy with Engineering  and said that it is very pathetic  and tough to continue with it, said by the Police.

Further as stated by the local police, Nagashree SC, a first year mechanical engineering student was found hanged from the ceiling fan in her hostel room, Dhansiri at the IIT campus which is located at the outskirts of Guwahati.

Nagashree SC belongs to Hosanagara near Shimoga in Karnataka

The incident took place after her roommate left to attend her classes. When she returned from the class she found the room locked and tried calling Nagashree but her calls were unanswered. Then she immediately informed the security saying that the room is locked and her roommate is not responding, as briefed by the IIT spokesperson.

The IIT security officials immediately informed the local police and when the police arrived they broke open the door of the room and found her hanging from the ceiling fan and a suicide note which was written in English was found in her room.

Sanjib Saikia, Additional Superintendent of Police Kamrup said that “she seemed to be depressed as because she had to pursue Engineering and was not happy with the career option she had opted. She even mentioned that she failed to meet the expectations of her parents and in clear words it was written that “Engineering Sucks”. There was nothing abnormal found during the

Further said by the IIT spokesperson, it had only one and a half month since she joined the course that is in the month of July she joined this institute. Before joining the she had to go through the mandatory counselling session for the first year students according to university rules.

This kind of incidents  make us bound to think that do the Indian Education System need to change their education policy to lower down the suicide.

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