Engineering entrance exams that may clash with JEE Main 2019 (April)

30 Jan, 2019
Engineering entrance exams that may clash with JEE Main 2019 (April)

NOIDA- Engineering exam aspirants are baffled these days due to the clash of five major engineering entrance exams with the second phase of JEE Main 2019 in April. These entrance exams are VITEEE 2019, SRMJEEE 2019, Amity JEE 2019, GITAM GAT 2019, and KITEE 2019.

It has been seen that engineering aspirants, who have qualified their 10+2 or will be appearing in the same, take up multiple entrance exams along with JEE Main. Hence, it is crucial for them to book the slots (if available) and schedule the calendar accordingly so that they appear in all the exams they have applied for. In most of the exams, the authorities allow the students to book their slots prior i.e. exam day, date, and time of the exam.

All the five entrance exams that are expected to clash with JEE Main have the provision to offer slot booking process to the students. Here, the aspirants can have a sigh of relief. They need to ponder over the factors like location of exam center, time, and obviously, the date of the exam while booking their slots.

The other side of the coin is that they will not be provided the slot booking tactility for JEE Main 2019 and NTA will regulate the entire process. Students will be devoid of choosing the exam centers and date & time for JEE Main 2019 April exam. The same was the case with JEE Main 2019 January.

Therefore, one has to depend on NTA as an allocation authority for JEE Main 2019 exam date & time. Once the aspirants come to know about their JEE Main 2019 exam schedule, they can proceed with the slot booking of other exams; it seems to be the perfect resort to this problem.

Major Issue among Engineering Exam Aspirants

The students’ incapability to book the slots for JEE Main 2019 is the main cause for the issue. As a result, the slot booking for other exams will solely depend on what slot NTA allocates to the JEE Main aspirants who are to appear in other entrance exams as well. Few of the aspirants may face major inconvenience in terms of traveling.   

How should aspirants deal with the situation?

First of all, students need to wait for receiving their JEE Main schedule from NTA. They need to then book their slots for other exams accordingly. Before booking the slots, they need to calculate how much they will have to travel to take up the exams with the help of elder ones in the family. Getting done with the travel reservations and planning in advance will help them avoid the inconvenience. They should sketch out the entire plan on PPT or a paper along with the suitable dates for different exams. Now, they can go ahead with the slot booking of other exams. The process of slot booking should be performed as soon as possible since it’s completely a ‘First Come, First Serve’ procedure. Getting late in the same will decrease the possibility for you to get the desired slot.

The slot booking for Amity JEE will start first from 8th April to 5th May 2019. After that, the slot booking for GITAM GAT 2019 and VITEEE 2019 will remain open from 10th– 22nd April 2019 and 10th– 21st April 2019 respectively. On the other hand, KITEE 2019 slot booking can be done from 15th April to 24th April 2019 and SRMJEEE 2019 exam slots will be available to be booked from 15th April to 25th April 2019. If we talk about JEE Main 2019 April exam, it is scheduled to be held in the similar timeframe i.e. 6th April to 20th April 2019.

Now the picture is clear that all the major engineering entrance exams will fall in the timeline of 6th April to 24th April 2019. Instead of panicking about the same, the aspirants need to play street-smart while booking their slots and no trouble can touch them.

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