Education of Girls still affected due to Marriage and Household chores

09 Mar, 2019

Noida – The education of girls get affected in four states Haryana, Gujarat, Bihar and Andhra Pradesh of India due to dependency on someone to drop to school. The dependency is of dropping of girls to the school and it resulted in biggest disabler of 90% of girl child education in these four Indian states. On the international women’s day, 8 March 2019, it has been surveyed by CRY that stands for Child Rights and You that affects the continuation of girl’s education. They also presented incentive scheme for increasing the education of girl child in India.

Other than the issue of dependency, 29% is the factors of frequent absenteeism and 18% of discomfort in absence of female teachers. While the reason of frequent absenteeism being founded by the organization they get frequent illness of 52% girls and engaging in household chores of 46% girls.

Poor roads and unavailability of transports to visit schools in these four states is also the major issue that affects the girl child education. Furthermore, in state of Gujarat and Andhra Pradesh some girls can’t afford the cost of transportation to schools.

Menstruation is another major reason found in these four states for the absenteeism of girls. As per the studies, 87% schools have separate washroom facilities for girls but not all of them have water and wash facilities present over there.

The interview of 3000 participants from 1,604 households in these four states has been taken. Other than that, motivation factors were also found. 88% girls are self motivated and 87% girls get inspiration from their parent to go school for education.

94% of no resistance from the family and 95% from community have also been reported for motivation girls to go school. 70% girls claimed that they have received government incentives and facilities from school.

The major reason that has been founded in these four states for discontinues of girl education is marriage. 66% girls get married and in result they have to discontinue their studies. Furthermore, Education of 62% girls affected due to cot of education. The insecurities of love affairs and physical insecurity are also reported.

21 government education schemes have been reported effective for increasing girl child education. It is also studied that most of the parents are not aware about the schemes. It indicates that, the efforts of government towards girl child education are yet to reach the public.'
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