Dyal Singh College Principal’s Office Sealed by Governing Body

18 Dec, 2018
Dyal Singh College Principal's Office Sealed by Governing Body

NOIDA: The governing body of DU affiliated Dyal Singh College has sealed the office of principal I S Bakshi neglecting the stay put by Delhi High Court on the decision of body asking him to continue with leaves. In September, Dyal Sing College’s governing body, chaired by Amitabh Sinha, had alleged the principal for financial and administrative irregularities and sent him on leave.

In October, his office was sealed and he was clearly instructed not to enter in the college premises as the body wanted the probe not to be affected.

Sinha’s tenure was completed in the November first week.

Bakshi appealed against the decision of governing body in the Delhi High Court on December 14 and the HC put a stay on this decision, afterward, Bakshi resumed the service.

In the midnight of December 16 and 17, two students and security guards jumped over the college gates and locked my office and pasted a notice saying that the Governing Body is yet to receive a copy of the stay order from the Delhi HC, said Bakshi.

It was clearly mentioned on the notice that Bakshi’s office would not be unlocked. After receiving the court order only, the governing body will move towards the future course of action.

“When I came to college on Monday, I saw my office had been locked and the notice had been put up. I asked for the keys but did not get them despite waiting for two hours,” said Bakshi.

Bakshi said that he managed to get his office opened somehow and filed a police complaint at the Lodhi Colony police station stating the some security guards trespassed.

According to him, he has now mailed a copy of the court order to all the members of governing body. He has also intimated the same to university of developments.

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