DUTA wants no more delay in Academic Council’s Meeting

12 Dec, 2018
DUTA wants no more delay in Academic Council's Meeting

NOIDA- On Tuesday, the Delhi University Teachers’ Association (DUTA) wrote a letter to varsity’s vice-chancellor (VC) Yogesh Tyagi wherein they condemned the academic council’s meeting delay with a warning of threatening action if it is not to be held within a week. The academic council meeting was postponed to Wednesday.

Teachers don’t want the administration to act lethargically towards the governance matters and want VC either to intervene into this or step down. It was clearly mentioned in the letter by DUTA.

“Teachers of the university and its colleges have been deprived of career advancement which ought to be done in a time-bound manner. However, it is extremely unfortunate that the university has not deemed it necessary to give its teachers their due,” it said.

The DUTA is highly dissatisfied with Tyagi as according to the DUTA, being the academic head of the institution, Tyagi bluntly refused to take any action in terms of bettering the conditions of the university, section-wise.

“While the university has been promoting teachers due for superannuation, it points to the insensitivity of your administration that this career advancement does not help teachers while in service and amounts to not recognising the service rendered by them,” it said.

The subsequent delay in meetings and the firm unwillingness for regularizing or absorption of the teachers by confirming their appointment as permanent has put a question mark on the future of thousands of young teachers who are aspiring for a stabilized career in academics.

DUTA’s disagreement with the policies of VC continued with the words that said, “You have been in office for nearly three years and it anguishes us to say that bureaucratic procedures, committees set up to look into matters that could be settled in a routine manner, refusal to hold regular meetings of statutory bodies, delays in or refusal to address important decisions have become the hallmark of your administration.”

The teachers’ association has strongly demanded the convention of meeting by 19th December by the varsity.

The letter also contained the threatening words that the teachers won’t allow the meeting proceedings smoothly if their issues are not addressed properly.

DUTA also wants the Executive Council to be conducted within 72 hours of the Academic Council meeting so that the promotion process can be implemented with no delay and all the ordinances can be made effectively immediately after the council approves them.

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