DUTA Protest against UGC’s new Reservation Policies

19 Jan, 2019
DUTA Protest against UGC’s new Reservation Policies

NEW DELHI – There has been a huge protest of DUTA (Delhi University teacher’s Union) on Thursday from the Zakir Hussain College, DU to the Parliament Street through the Ramlila Maidan against the unjust alleged policies of the Ministry of Human Resources and Development and the UGC (University Grants Commission).

The protest was led by all the teachers who were then detained at Police Mandir Marg and Parliament Street. The demands of the teachers were concerning the absorption of ad hoc and temporary teachers, implementation of the reservation system, and the restoration of 200- point roster. The ex- Duta President has proclaimed that the government of India is restricting the promotions and pensions of all the teachers, and the slashing of funds as well as the seats for the higher education.

All the issues like the one stated are arising because the teachers want to be moved from a publicly funded university to a private one. All the current ad hoc teachers have been appointed as per the 200 point college/university wise roster has to be discontinued as per the notification of the March led. The displacement process of the teachers leads to the pejorative value of the DUTA’s legitimacy who have been serving the colleges since years.

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