DUSU President office turns new club students caught dancing and playing Ludo

23 Oct, 2018
DUSU president office turns new club

Noida 23rd October 2018: There is a video going viral on social media exhibiting three students, one of them is Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad member, dancing around in the office of DUSU President Ankiv Baisoya. The video shows that the students were recording their stunt in the DUSU office in North Campus. Ankiv Baisoya was not there in the video clip.

There is one more video clip in which the students of ABVP can be observed playing Ludo in the office of DUSU vice president.

The state president of NSUI, Akshay Lakra, who has been probing the case of fake degree of Baisoya’ stated that Vinit Bansal, the member of ABVP member, is playing Ludo in the clip.

ABVP has disagreed about their awareness of the incident.

Stating that the students in the video clip are outsiders, Baisoya quoted, “They are not the ABVP members, rather some outsiders who visited the office without my notice. I don’t know any of them.”

He added, “They entered my office when I was not present there. DUSU guard has the keys of my office.”

All in all he was blaming the guard for handing the keys to the students when he was not all around.

On one side where ABVP president has shown his denial for knowing any of the three students dancing in the office, one of the students dancing around the chair of Baisoya has been identified as Vinit Bansal.

Do not make joke of DUSU Office: NSUI

The student leaders in the university have declared the incident as disgraceful and expressed their strong disagreement for the kind of behavior they have depicted in the DUSU office. They said that it is against the ethics of the university and also the decorum of the campus.

They said, “It is disappointing to see the office of DUSU President Ankiv Baisoya to be used by so-called Karyakarta’s for playful activities like dancing, ludo. This is indeed a kind of mockery of the varsity. They should be inclined towards the betterment of the students, rather doing all such ridiculous acts.”

Akshay Lakra, State President, NSUI quoted that playing ludo and dancing in DUSU office is nothing less than making mockery of the office premises. This may harm the position of DUSU president and their management.

He further stated that Ankiv Baisoya and ABVP have constantly been ridiculing the entire DUSU Elections through false documents. Nor only this, the members have slowed down the probing procedure through bigotry. NSUI wants some real action against these three students and also on Ankiv Baisoya as they have shown disrespect to the DUSU office and tried to let down its image with their disgusting acts.”

This is not the first time for ABVP

Two years before in October 2016, the student leaders of ABVP have faced an embarrassing situation when they had to give explanation of the incident where the photographs of the  rifles were observed to be spread out on a table and that too in front of Amit Tanwar, the then DUSU President. This incident was also happened in DUSU office.

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