DU will allow admissions in this session on the basis of last year’s eligibility criteria, says HC

15 Jun, 2019
DU will allow admissions in this session on the basis of last year’s eligibility criteria, says HC

On Friday the Delhi High Court instructed the Delhi University and the University Grants Commission (UGC) to allow all the students admission to the undergraduate (UG) course for the current academic session based on the eligibility criteria from 2018-2019. Anu Malhotra and Talwant Singh who are a part of the bench of Justice extended the deadline from June 14 to June 22 for the students to apply for the undergraduate courses in DU.

With these two directions, the high court has disposed of three petitions, a plea done by a student and two PILs, admissions to several UG courses after challenging the recent amendment made to the eligibility criteria, it is including B.Com (Hons) and BA (Hons) Economics, which requires math’s to be a part of the best of four subjects.

In the court’s 17-page of order, it is said that these directions will not allow DU to change the eligibility criteria in the up-coming year to its UG courses as required.

But according to the bench it was made clear that the eligibility criteria can be changed in accordance with law, it will require a minimum of six months of public notice to the public at large.

The registration for admission for DU commenced on the 30th of May and according to the plan it was supposed to end yesterday (14th of June)       

The petitions have told that some students have been caught un-aware of the eligibility criteria for some courses which had been changed a day before the opening of registration on May 30.

Earlier today, the high court observed DU’s recent decision which was to change the admission norms for various undergraduate courses so it could be announced much earlier.

It was said that there is no dispute that the students had to be in tune with the time. There is nothing which prevents you from improving the education standards. There is no one to say that your decision is not right, but your time may not be right.

During an argument which was more than an hour, the court said that the eligibility criteria was only meant for the students who gave the 2018-19 Class 12 board exams and the amended norms made by the DU was released only a day before the registration started.

Can you (DU) change it a day before?

For this question, the bench answered that you can change it if you have given a notice three months prior to the students.

Defending this decision, the varsity said that it will change the eligibility criteria for all the courses every year and the BIS (Bulletin of Information) was only meant for one particular academic session and was not a statutory rule.

The university said that there was no need give any prior notice before making changes to the BIS.

Its lawyer also told the court that no student would be deprived by the admission due to the new norms and if anyone would be affected they can approach the grievance committee or the court.

The petitioners claimed that the changes in the eligibility criteria of various courses like B.Com (Hons) and BA (Hons) in economics was illegal and violative to the Article 14 of the constitution as it was done arbitrarily. It was done without any prior notice.

They have sought of quashing the criteria which have included mathematics compulsorily as one of the subjects in the BFS for admissions in the BA (Hons) course, in the Economics course from the academic year 2019-20 as per the BIS which was circulated on May 29 for admission for the UG course.

The pleas have said that till last year if a student would get 50 per cent mathematics, he/she could apply for BA (Hons) in the economics course, but this year math has been made compulsory for the “Best of Four”, which means it has to be a part of the top four subjects, it was aggregated that it will be considered for admission.

According to the news reports, the members of the Academic and executive councils of DU had recently written to the vice-chancellor to reverse the changes brought in the eligibility criteria of various courses, they are described “arbitrary” and “unwarranted”.

This letter had urged the vice-chancellor to restore the earlier criteria for the academic session this year. This was on an urgent basis.

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