DU to Restrain Bogus Admissions with help of Forensic Services

23 Jan, 2019
DU to Restrain Bogus Admissions with help of Forensic Services

NOIDA: Delhi University is planning to rely on forensic services to restrain the admissions applied with the support of forged documents.

DU had harmed its reputation nationally for granting admission to DUSU President Ankiv Baisoya on the basis of false documents. DU was in news for the same in the recent past. He was granted admission in MA Buddhist Studies programme and after that, he was deputed as DUSU President. After finding evidences against his false documents, his admission was cancelled and he was barred from taking up the further course.

Since the last year, the discussions for employing forensic services are on. In fact, the colleges like Dyal Singh, Sri Venkateswara, and Ramjas have already been using the same services for a few years now.

DU is still to reach a formal decision on this. All the principals of DU colleges are expected to be called in the meeting to discuss the possibilities and their willingness to implement the forensic services, as per statement given by a DU official. The first meeting of DU Admission Committee was held on 22nd January 2019 and minimizing the documental needs for 2019-2020 session admissions was part of the discussion.

As per the Students’ Welfare Dean, Rajeev Gupta, transfer, migration and character certificates from the applicants’ will no longer be required on the documents list for admission in DU.

Another point of discussion was to enable to students make corrections in their application forms after submission to reduce the application form rejection rate.

“It has been reported that the major number of students affect from the rule that there is no provision for application form correction once submitted. More often, they rely on third-parties like cyber café operators to submit their application forms and mistakes are prone to take place. DU is planning to design a portal for application form correction.

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