DU Recommends not Using the Word ‘Dalit’ in Pol Science Books of PG students

26 Oct, 2018
DU recommends not using the word ‘Dalit’ in Pol Science books of PG students

Noida 26th October- There is a recommendation by the standing committee of Delhi University for academic affairs that the word Dalit should not be used in the books of Political Science of Post Graduate students, rather the word should be replaced with ambedkarwadi, bahujan and scheduled caste. Moreover, the books written by Kancha Ilaiah Shepherd, activist and academic that were stuck into the controversy are also recommended to be removed from the syllabus of political science.

As per the sources, the meeting of the standing committee was held on October 24 and it was proposed by the members that Dalit word should not be used in the course books of Political Science. One of the committee member and the chairperson of SC and ST teachers’ forum in DU, Hansraj Suman quoted that there was the usage of word Dalit in the course named ‘Dalit Bahujan Political Thought’. The committee members have proposed the word ambedkarwadi or scheduled caste or bahujan in place of Dalit.

He further added, “As per the order by Supreme court that we should avoid the usage of Dalit word in the syllabi and start using scheduled caste in its place.”

However, there is not any order from the court banning the word. The Bombay High Court had directed the central and state governments to stop using the word Dalit for those who fall under the category of Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes. Moreover, there is no mention for the same in our constitution.

The court has also directed the ministry of information and broadcasting and also the press council of India to give the directives to the media to avoid the usage of word “Dalit”. After this, the ministry has issued an advisory to the private television channels with a mention not to use word “Dalit”, rather make use of “Scheduled Caste” in its place.

As per the order issued by the Bombay high court, not only the word Dalit but also the “bahujan” or “ambedkarwadi” must be avoided owing to the fact that these are not defined in the constitution of India.

Veenu Kukreja, head of DU political science department quoted that the recommendations would explicitly be taken into account at a meeting of the faculty members.

At DU, all the departments have been making the amendment in the syllabi of the PG courses to stick to the format of CBCS or Choice-Based Credit System. This format is already there at the UG level and it provides the students the options to select from a wide range of courses, which are called as elective, core and open elective courses.

The standing committee is supposed to give the approval to the modified syllabus. The recommendations of the committee are moved forward for the approval by the university’s academic council. The next meeting will be conducted in the last week of November this year.

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