DU Girls keep up with protest for curfew-less Nights at Women Hostels

10 Oct, 2018
DU Girls keep up with protest for curfew-less Nights at Women Hostels

Noida: On October 8, a women’s collective initiated a protest at Arts Faculty of Delhi University throughout the night in demand of curfew-less nights for the hostels of women.

Last week, Pinjra Tod had given the charter of demands to the university’s Vice Chancellor where it was clearly written that they want the curfew like timings in the hostel to be withdrawn and the permission should be given for round the clock entry in the hostel for women. The local guardian concept in the hostel should also be abolished and the clause of an emergency local communication should be added. They had given the threat of protests to the university management if their demands would be left unattended within the time of one week.

As per the statement of police, On October 8, in the evening, there were about hundred students with placards that have protested outside the faculty of Arts inside the campus. There were some students who have also tried to jump from the gates of the university but the security officials have stopped them. Further, the students also attempted to block the Mall Road for certain time and while protesting some jumped in front of the running vehicles.

After all this, the police jumped into the matter and involved into a discussion between the group of agitators, Proctor, Deputy Proctor and pro Vice-Chancellor of the University. Due to the failure of the management and administration to control the mod, the protesters were stick to their demands and for the sake of the same they had undergone the protest through the night.

The protesters also blamed the police with the charges of assaulting them physically, however, the police disagreed for this accusation.

Further, the student’s collective had demanded for the set up of a new women’s hostel for differently-abled students. Apart from this, they have also demanded to establish a committee that takes care of the complaints lodged by the students against sexual harassment in all the colleges and institutions.

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