DOE to devise new ways of teaching for Delhi teachers

24 Nov, 2018
DOE to devise new ways of teaching for Delhi teachers

NOIDA- The Directorate of Education is currently laying focus on a project where the videos of the teachers who have invented various ultimate techniques are uploaded and shown to other teachers for reference. This is initiated to encourage the most competent teaching practices with respect to certain topics in the syllabus.

A committee consisting of ten mentor teachers has been formulated to take out the topics and teachers for these videos.

In this project, the syllabus and teachers from Classes VI to XII will be taken into consideration initially, as per the official sources. There will also be the appointment of the regional director to act as the nodal officer for the project.

Sanjay Goel, Director of Education stated, “The main objective of the project is to tap the most efficient teaching techniques being used by the teachers presently and considering them as references for other teachers through videos. After the identification of such teachers, the videos will be shot and uploaded on YouTube. These videos will first be used as the reference for other teachers and then the students can check them out in Youtube.”

Goel quoted that the videos will be uploaded in YouTube by the end of December or the starting of January.

He further added that the committee will take the onus of taking the decision whether the videos will lay emphasis on particular concepts or chapters.

Goel said, “Right now we have not considered this as chapter-wise exercise. In which direction it will go completely depends on the resources that we possess and the initial response.”

In 2016, the Delhi government had started the mentor teacher programme by choosing 200 government school teachers to provide training of new techniques, pedagogy and methodologies to other teachers. The project that is in the pipeline at present carries forward the overall mission of that programme.

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