DoE to Depute Officials in Delhi Government Schools to Monitor Quality of Education

15 Nov, 2018
DoE to Depute Officials in Delhi Government Schools to Monitor Quality of Education

NOIDA- The low pass marks of the students in the mid-term examination in Delhi government schools has compelled the DoE or Directorate of Education to get concerned about the quality of teaching and learning there. To get clarity on the poor performances in the exam and to make sure whether the additional resources are required in the schools, DoE officials will be the part of the classes.

In the mid-term examinations that were conducted in September, there were only 30% of the students of class X and 50% of the students of class XII that got passed. There were 32 schools that have witnessed zero passing percentage in 9th and 12th classes.

DoE further quoted that reassessment is needed in such cases as there might be the probability of error that is common at the time of totaling of the marks and uploading the same on the portal. As per the report cards of the students, they are declared as passed but the results are contrary and thus need recalculation.

Sanjay Goel, Director of Education stated, “the meeting was conducted for the same and the suggestions came out that the district and zonal deputy directors of education would appear for those classes which have witnessed adverse performances in their jurisdiction and this should be on urgent basis. The major objective behind this move is to get clarity on the quality and standard of teaching. If any loophole is identified, they can advise for the recruitment of additional resource persons through SMC or School Management Committee fund.”

With the support of SMC fund that was recently approved for various Government schools depending upon the volume of the students, the additional resources can be hired for 200 hours. Under SMC fund, Rs 5 lakh was allotted to the schools with 1,500 students, Rs 6 lakh was given to those with 2,500 students and Rs 7 lakh was provided to the schools with more than 2,500 students.

The instructions are given to the teachers and heads of schools to take out those topics that possess higher marks in the subjects like accounts, economics, mathematics and science and emphasize more on them.

On November 14, Education Minister Manish Sisodia started meetings with the heads of over one thousand Delhi government schools by making the groups of 50 and discussed about the proper use of SMC funds.

He added that the government would only enhance the SMC fund if the schools utilize the same adequately.

He further stated to the principals of the schools, “Till date, the authorities of the schools were looking up to the DoE for all the things. But now onwards, you can hire skilled teachers for 200 hours and also engage gardeners. Considering the requirement of cleanliness and related sanitation problems, you can also put additional labor on board. You are also free to take necessary steps to recruit additional resource persons or talented faculty for various difficult subjects and some kinds of co-curricular activities. I also advise that if you think that the students of classes IX and X are having some sort of problems in understanding certain topic or subject, you can use SMC fund and take the support of the experts for the students.”

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