Development Policies required to prepare students future-ready!!

26 Dec, 2018
Development Policies required to prepare students future-ready

Noida – To bring changes in the policies that impact the educational framework including the development of teachers, curriculum upgrade, nurturing the skills of the students, Principals conclave by the media group was organized in Maharashtra, wherein several prominent persons such as Shim Mathew, Harish Shetty and Minister of School Education, higher and technical education, government of Maharashtra were invited for the thoughtful discussion.

Upon discussing the safety of students in school, Harish Shetty, clinical psychiatrist said “Safety doesn’t only mean protecting children from sexual abuse. Emotional safety is the most important psychological need of the child. Parents must be united when it comes to dealing with various diseases. You need to be tolerant of children who have issues of anger, frustration, and aggression. Parents must also support schools to ensure the well-being of their children.”

Further, to amplify the teaching techniques, the director of academic operations, initiatives, and International Partnerships, VIBGYOR group of schools Shim Mathew added “Teacher must be resilient, accommodative and accept technology as a pivotal part of their teaching process. Going forward, it will become critical for schools to create sustainable tech-training modules. Industry experts will also play a large role in coaching teachers to be tech-ready.”

In order to upgrade the curriculum for the education system, Vinod Tawde said “There must be a development plan for education which must be revisited every ten years to tweak the quality of education. We must focus on upgrading school syllabus. Incorporating changes in keeping with the latest trends in the industry is a must, as that will prepare our students for future.

In conclusion to all above, the conclave focused on enhancing the leadership qualities among the students to prepare them for the future. Other than this, it is more important to provide training to the teachers from time to time by introducing them with advanced teaching methodology on futuristic trends.

Shikha Thakur an executive content writer of Getentrance web portal formulates various contents and news on education and latest updates related to it. Other than composing news and contents, She is best known for exploring newsworthy information and framing the same in the string of words.


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