Delhi University Teachers Association Slams Syllabus Revision Plans

28 Mar, 2019
DU News

Noida: Delhi University Teachers Association, also known as DUTA, slammed the plan to revise the syllabus of the University. They called the process of revising its undergraduate programs as thoughtlessly derived from a controversial and widely criticized Outcomes-based model prevalent in State-funded US universities. DUTA said UGC-LOCF itself is open to consideration, scrutiny and critique. Earlier, the varsity said while announcing the decision to revise the syllabus that the process has been undertaken in the light of UGC’s Learning Outcome-based Framework.

In a statement, DUTA said “The system is pushed by standard outcomes-based incentives (rewards and punishment). Recent attempts by the MHRD to restrict research, apply quantified performance parameters through a Tripartite MoU, push towards loan-funding and financial “self-reliance” also stem from this approach.”

Delhi University Teachers Association also said UGC’s LOCF will invite greater interference from governments that will be tempted to dictate acceptable ‘outcomes’ for universities. After such slammed by DUTA, later, the University said “The revised curriculum will be expressed in terms of outcomes related to knowledge, understanding, skill, attitudes and values. It aims to foster quality higher education in academic research, contributing to society”.

As per the official authority from the varsity, the planning of revising the syllabus of the programs are scheduled to be implemented from the 2019-20 academic session. According to DU, It is estimated that the revised courses will benefit close to seven lakh undergraduate students who will be seeking admission in 2019 to Open Learning and regular stream programs. The University has started revising the syllabus of undergraduate courses from March 11, 2019 by inviting all Deans and Heads for a detailed consultative meeting.

The varsity claimed concerns regarding the proposed schedule were discussed and after deliberations, the proposed schedule was approved. The official from the varsity said “Consensus emerged on the need to revise the curriculum without any further delay. Participation of students in the curriculum revision process has also been ensured.”

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