Delhi University Pol Science department to resume with ‘Kancha Ilaiah’ books in their syllabus

02 Nov, 2018
N Sukumar

NOIDA- On November 1, Delhi University’s Political Science Department has kept aside the suggestions provided by the standing committee on academic issues that three books of OBC academician and activist Kancha Ilaiah would be removed from PG syllabus owing to the insult of Hinduism and given the decision of continuing such books.

This move was taken “unanimously” in a meeting held by the department on November 1. But the ultimate decision regarding this case will be declared by AC or Academic Council.

As per the suggestions of the standing committee, the three books were supposed to be moved out of PG syllabus and these are ‘Why I am not a Hindu’, ‘Post-Hindu India: A Discourse in Dalit-Bahujan Socio-Spiritual’ and ‘Scientific Revolution and God as Political Philosopher: Buddha’s Challenge to Brahminism’.

Madhulika Banerjee, an associate professor quoted, “We are with the past syllabus decided for Post Graduation and the books will also be the same. These are the books that are used across the country and the world.”

Saroj Giri, Assistant professor also participated in the meeting and stated that the change proposed by the standing committee would not be accepted. They were not comfortable with three courses and these are International Relations where it was suggested to delete the word ‘religion’ and include ‘Islam’ in its place; Black Radical Traditions in which the objection was raised with the word ‘radical’, Islam and Political Theology in India in which there was the demand of much Hindu literature. He further added that all the three suggestions were denied.

Giri added that this move was taken on the academic grounds. There was not at all any mentioning of the reasons behind implementation of the changes proposed by the committee.

Professor N Sukumar also stated that the committee has not provided any reason pertaining to the academic grounds. Though the ultimate decision will be of AC, if they decide on their own and remove these books, we will go to the court.

Ilaiah quoted that he was grateful to see the department taking the right stand in this matter. He has shown his respect to the university for opposing the wrongful acts when it comes to the academics. He further added that this move will explicitly set an example in the other universities of the country where people make attempts to include religion in academics.

One of the members of the standing committee, Hansraj Suman said, “I d not wish to pass comment on this matter as the final decision will be of the AC only.”

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