Delhi teachers question Sisodia on making tablet purchase mandatory  

19 Feb, 2019
Delhi teachers question Sisodia on making tablet purchase mandatory

NOIDA– A group of Delhi teachers has written to Education Minister of Delhi Manish Sisodia against an order for making the tablet purchase mandatory for Delhi government school teachers.

In January 2019, the education department released a circular asking all the government school teachers to buy tab- to be refunded by the education department- for which the bill needs to be submitted by 15th January, failing which will invite the regulatory body to impose an action against all the defaulting teachers.

Lok Shikshak Manch- a group of teachers has now written questioning the use of this technological tool to Sisodia.

Despite using laptops and computers as per convenience, enforcing for the use of tablet from teachers, they stated: “these instruments are helpful to the teachers, as long as they use these tools freely for enhancement of their professional understanding and academic needs. However, if these tools are made mandatory in a preconceived manner, there immense use will turn into useless, and we will be turned into agents serving these instruments.”

They also asked if the mandatory use of tablet revolves around pedagogical approach, and also mentioned that there must be concrete reasons behind enforcing for the compulsory use of tablets.

Since the character of teaching and education can be transformed with the use of technological devices like tabs, we would like the government to share the academic and policy documents on the basis of which this order has been passed. They also stated, “We are academicians known for our intellect, not the executioners of such orders.”

According to their letter, digitization and e-governance has actually increased the work load in educational institutions, and labour duplication is caused by the same.

As per the instructions laid by the department, the teachers will be using tabs to mark their attendance. Now this collective has a valid question that when school computers have already been employed to feed the daily attendance data then why government is planning to splurge money on additional devices.

The group also coined a context that the increasing use of technological tools in the schools is a threat to intellectual depth which may lead the students to equate mechanization with quality, instead of education with quality. The use of technology at large scale on basic education level will produce a false sense of quality education.

In response to disagreement by the collective of Delhi teachers, Manish Sisodia responded by saying that without teaching technology at basic education level, the next-gen skilled professionals can’t be prepared. He also said that tablets are for help of the teachers only.

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