Delhi HC permits DU student with short attendance to sit in the exam

14 May, 2019

Delhi High Court has ordered Delhi University to allow a student with short attendance to appear in the final examinations and it has provided a sigh of relief to that student.

In Delhi HC, Justice C Hari Shankar, while announcing the verdict, said that the permission was granted because she was a student and a NO might have turned into an irreparable loss to her academic journey.

The petitioner is a BA (Hons) final year student in DU-controlled Swami Vivekanand College and her exams were scheduled to start from 11th May.

Her solicitor mentioned that she was the part of college drama society and had actively participated in more than 40 programs and she was given approval by college authorities.

The HC stated “In order to balance the equities of the present, the petitioner is permitted to appear in the 6th semester examinations… It shall not be treated as creating any equities in favour of her and shall abide by the outcome of the writ petition”.

On the other hand, Advocates Rituparn Uniyal and Pawan Pathak, stated that rather than concentrating on extracurricular activities, the student should attend extra lectures and cover-up the loss of study due to long-term absence.

As per the university guidelines, a student needs to maintain at least 66 per cent attendance to be eligible for appearing in the examination.

In this case, the attendance was 63.62 per cent and 60.84 per cent as per the petitioner and college respectively.

On this, the court instructed the concerned authorities to closely look into the matter of discrepancy between the student’s remark on attendance and the sheet given by the college.

The hearing on this matter will be dealt by the court on 13th August and college & university will be questioned for this discrepancy in attendance.

As an interim action, the court has granted the permission to the student to appear in the examination and it is also instructed that her result will be kept in a sealed cover. After the outcome of this petition, it shall be unveiled.

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