Delhi Government to Introduce Entrepreneurship Curriculum to class 9th to 12th Syllabus

14 Dec, 2018
Delhi Government to introduce entrepreneurship curriculum to class 9th to 12th syllabus

NOIDA: Deputy CM and Education Minister of Delhi Government, Manish Sisodia has made the announcement that soon the entrepreneurship curriculum will be introduced to the school courses with a vision to make students future-ready.

The syllabus of class 9th to 12th will incorporate the entrepreneurship learning into it. This curriculum will be helpful in learning of life-skills, behavioural skills, and inspirational stories. Delhi govt. has already introduced the happiness curriculum and the announcement for cleanliness curriculum has also been made.

“We plan to introduce entrepreneurship curriculum in our schools for class 9 to 12 students. Entrepreneurship does not necessarily mean business, we plan to develop life skills, behavioural skills and to impart proper etiquettes into the minds of children in order to make them future ready,” Sisodia said. He added, “We need to teach them to dream by sharing real-life stories so that their mind can be evolved, and by doing this, we can build a better nation.”

Recently, Delhi Government has decided to include cleanliness curriculum in Delhi-based government schools to make students aware of the health and environment benefits of cleanliness.

Sisodia also remarked on “Living Mindfully: Initiatives and Learnings” at New Delhi Institute of Management (NDIM) while attending a panel discussion. He stated, “We focus on schooling, not education” and this is the reason why India is constantly developing at a rapid pace.

According to Deputy CM of Delhi, the problem arises when we study just to obtain a degree rather than enhancing our daily life learning. In order to expose real-life learning to the students, Delhi Government has initiated with the courses like “happiness curriculum” and “cleanliness curriculum”.

Before this announcement on this day, Sisodia also attended convocation ceremony at the Delhi Technical University (DTU) and motivated young students to develop entrepreneurial mindset. He urged students not to find jobs but to create the opportunities for others as well.

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