Delhi government to introduce ‘Deshbhakti Curriculum’ in schools from next session

16 Aug, 2019
Delhi government to introduce 'Deshbhakti Curriculum' in schools from next session

After the successful implementation of ‘Happiness Curriculum’ in Delhi schools last year, now the Delhi government is planning to launch ‘Deshbhakti Curriculum’ in all the Delhi-based government schools. It will be executed from the next academic session i.e. 2020-21.

On the occasion of Independence Day, Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal announced to introduce ‘Deshbhakti Curriculum’ which is completely based on patriotism.

While addressing a group people, Delhi CM said that the purpose of education can be defined in three ways- preparing students with the ideals of good human being, make people to lead life with better earning, and instill patriotism in people.

Happiness Curriculum and Entrepreneurship Mindset Curriculum have already been in practice at schools to fulfill the objectives of preparing students with the ideals of good human being and making people to lead life with better earning, respectively.

The third purpose of building patriotic citizens will be addressed by the ‘Deshbhakti Curriculum’. The curriculum will involve the topics what make you feel proud of your country. It will also include the topics on how to sort out the problems plaguing the country.

Delhi CM, in a tweet, said that the objective of imparting the holistic education for the children so that every child transforms into a good citizen will be accomplished after the introduction of this curriculum. They will turn out to be the patriotic citizens capable of earning livelihood.

The CM also invited people to tweet their inputs about the curriculum so that it can be designed in a way to fulfill the expectations of everyone.

Delhi government introduced happiness curriculum in July 2018 followed by the entrepreneurship mindset curriculum in July 2019.

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