Delhi government to focus more on anganwadis to strengthen pre-primary education

09 Mar, 2019
Aanganwadi worker

NOIDA– In order to reinforce the early- childhood education, the Delhi government has planned to put more focus on pre-primary education in MCD and government-controlled schools and also by developing new and expanding the existing anganwadi hub-centres.

The responsibility of imparting pre-primary education in Delhi is assigned to three agencies- pre-primary classes in premises of government school benefit 28,000 students; over 51,000 pre-primary students are enrolled in MCD schools, and 1.7 lakh children in the age group of three to six get education in anganwadis.

In a statement issued by Delhi government, it was said that the level of education is deteriorating because these three agencies are not concentrating on pre-primary education. Government is keener on expanding the number of anganwadi rather than increasing the nurseries. It is the plan of government to add 1000 more anganwadi hub centres to the existing ones. Already there are 10,000 operational anganwadis in the city.

Last year, three or four anganwadi hub centres were clubbed together and 100 new ones were formed. The aim behind this clubbing was to get a larger property on rent and resource pooling to create ‘mohalla playschools.’

The government is also focusing on establishing these hub centres in close proximity to MCD and government schools so that students can be transferred easily from pre-school to nursery.

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