Delhi Cabinet to revise the college & university staff’s pay as per 7th pay commission

31 Oct, 2018
7th pay commission

On October 29, the Delhi Cabinet has given its consent for the proposal of revising the pay scale of administrative posts and teachers in the college and universities under CPC or seventh Central Pay Commission under which the teachers and staff from administrative posts come. This revision in salary was recommended by seventh pay commission.

The Directorate of Higher Education, Government of NCT of Delhi, is currently running one institute (DIHRM), three universities and the colleges of Delhi University (12 Colleges that are 100% funded, 16 Colleges that are 5% funded).

As per an official statement, “The Delhi Cabinet has given the green signal for the proposal made by the Department of Higher Education that states about the revision of the pay-scales of teachers, administrative posts and equivalent cadres in universities and colleges. This move was proposed by seventh pay commission.

It further quoted, “The Delhi government carries the positive approach for rendering quality education in such institutes and thus is taking adequate measures from time to time to make sure that the faculty possess the dedication and sharp acumen to achieve the desired goal and reach towards the proposed objectives.”

On October 30, the Delhi government has taken a decision to reserve certain percentage of seats for meritorious sportspersons and they have kept aside five per cent of the overall vacancies that are present in all the autonomous bodies and departments for such merit holders.

As per the tweet of the Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, the Delhi cabinet has given its consent for a proposal of the Department of Education and Sports to hire players in the city government.

As per the statement given by the Government of AAP, out of the five per cent of the reserved seats for meritorious sportspersons, minimum three per cent of the vacancies in Group C would be set aside for the sportspersons who have taken part in the sports events at international level and also those who won the medal.

Not only this, the Cabinet has also given its approval for permitting the Quality Council of India to be involved as system integrator by the Delhi Commission for Protection of Child Rights to provide its assistance in the project management of comprehensive school evaluation exercise of all types of schools in Delhi (government, municipal, aided and unaided) on the grounds of nomination.

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