DCPCR Directs DoE to take action against the School that Deliberately failed Class X Student

13 Oct, 2018
DCPCR directs

Noida 13th October 2018: DCPCR or the Delhi Commission for the Protection of Child Rights has directed DoE or Directorate of Education of the Delhi government to speed up the disciplinary proceedings against two teachers and the former principal of a government school in Delhi. They have been accused of deliberately failing the student of class 10th by not forwarding the marks to CBSE.

DCPCR has also given the order for making the payment of Rs 1 lakh to the student as compensation.

DCPCR quoted in its order “this compensation amount would help the student to afford extra tuition fee, books etc and other support that is needed to fill the gap in studies as there is no fault from his end.”

In the month of October 2017, the Delhi Commission had accepted the complaint from a student of GBSSS or Government Boys Senior Secondary School, Qadipur, stating that inspite of passing the exam of class 10th, he has been failed by the school as they have not sent the marks to CBSE and this was intentionally. Moreover, he also threatened of committing suicide due to the negligence on the part of the school management.

There were three subjects in the exam for which the student had not appeared, however, he was given the permission to attend re-examination that he had cleared. As the marks were not given to CBSE, he was declared as failed.

An inquiry committee was formed to probe into this matter and it has confirmed that the class teacher of the student had mistakenly marked him absent at the time of uploading the marks on web portal of CBSE. The committee stated that the CBSE in-charge of the school and the head were the main culprits in this incident. Later on, CBSE had rectified his marks and updated on its portal and after this, his grade would come to 7.0 the same was given to the school in November 2017.

After this incident, the student was given the admission in Class XI and the teachers were transferred from that school. Director of Education Sanjay Goel quoted that the disciplinary proceedings against the staff and teachers had been commenced; however, he was yet to receive the payment order for compensation.

He added that whatever happened with the student was unfortunate and as far as the monetary compensation is concerned, that will be paid to the child if it is the right way to tackle with the issue.

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