Congress-led government to reopen 4,000 schools in Rajasthan

24 May, 2019
Congress-led government to reopen 4,000 schools in Rajasthan

The congress-led government in Rajasthan, after amending the textbooks, is now reconsidering the previous BJP government’s decision of merging 4,000 schools in Rajasthan in the name of rationalization. Former CM Vasundhara Raje merged the schools with low enrolments and high number of vacancies. Then government thought that this move would rationalize teachers’ availability and enrolment.

On Wednesday, the state education minister Govind Singh Dotasra said that the Congress government is thinking about reopening those schools.

“We are presently under the process of reviewing nearly 4,000 schools across the state which were closed during the tenure of BJP government. Only thing we want to be sure about is that enough students should be available for these schools. Soon a good decision will be taken,” said Dotasra.

As per the educationists, this attempt is a right move for educational reformation.

According to Komal Srivastava from Bharat Gyan Vigyan Samiti, it’s seems a good initiative to think about reopening the schools. Now, the government needs to focus on reopening the schools at the correct place to ensure maximum enrolments. In order to utilize the ‘Right to Education’, the teachers should be recruited immediately.

The RTE doctrine says that the primary school should be positioned with the 1km of students’ residence. In the similar way, the senior and senior secondary schools should be available within the reach of 2-3 kms.

After merging the schools, now the students have to commute for 5-20 kms to get education. It’s painful for the little ones to travel that much to reach their school. This is the major reason why student enrolment is on the lower side.

Srivastava added, “The government is also planning to earmark travelling allowances to such students who commutes from remote areas and villages.

On this, then education minister and BJP MLA Vasudev Devnani said that it was a calculated move for the sake on improving the quality of education in schools. As per her, there were many schools that were in 1km radius and also the schools which were running in the same buildings. Only such schools were merged.

She added, ‘it would be completely a wrong statement that the schools were closed while merging them with each other. When the BJP-led government merged 20,000 schools, the demands for reopening the schools came in from the areas where the students were facing difficulties. As a effect, we reopened 2,400 schools, which were merged earlier.

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