CM Yogi Assures Safety of Kashmiri Students in State after Conflict in Sharda University

06 Oct, 2018
CM Yogi Assures Safety of Kashmiri Students in State after Conflict in Sharda University

Noida 6th October 2018: The outside story line depicts Sharda University as one of the leading educational institutes with students from more than 74 countries. However, the inside tensions have been come into the light when the clashes between the group of students broke out last week.

It all has begun on Monday when the two student groups one Indian and other Afghan national were involved into a tiff and then physical violence. Later, the university has suspended three Afghan students who were the cause of the incident.

Trouble Created Inside the Campus

The students of the university stated that there were outsiders who are the trouble maker inside the campus. One of the identified individual was Deepak Sharma who started abusing Pakistan and Muslims, stated by an Afghan student of law. He further said, “The main objective of the person is to make differences between Hindus and Muslims. He also asked people to beat all the Muslims and Kashmiris out there.”

The university spokesperson Ajit Kumar quoted, “We came to know that Deepak Sharma is an activist of Bajrang Dal which is the youth wing of Vishwa Hindu Parishad.

He further added that an inquiry was initiated by the university to keep vigilance over the entry of the outsiders inside the campus. He said that the total number of students that got injured in the clashes was yet to be announced.

No Safety of the Students Inside the Campus

After the incident took place, the Afghan as well as the Kashmiri students have been getting threat calls. A 21-year-old fourth-year BTech student, Hujjat Sadat said, “We are not at all safe here. We are getting threat calls from strangers at night stating that thet will beat us if we leave the campus. We are frightened to an extent that some of us do not come out for namaz on Friday. As the elections are coming, people are ready to do anything to increase their followers. We literally do not want any such kind of issues.”

A 21-year-old Afghan student, Ayan also quoted that he had been receiving threat calls from strange numbers. He further added, “Though we feel India as our second home but after this incident we are not safe here.”

Apart from this, there were Afhani and Kashmiri students that have raised their accusations on the University for being biased against them stating, “They have taken action against three Afghan students instantly but what about the local students who were also involved in the incident?”

This incident has sparked the issue of securing and safety concern for Kashmiris and Afghanis studying in various colleges and universities all over the country. Recently, the cases of Kashmiri students being beaten up by the fellow students have also come onto the light.

In the response of the physical violence at Sharda University, Mehbooba Mufti, former Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister and Satya Pal Malik , the state’s governor Satya Pal Malik appealed to Rajnath Singh, Union Home Minister and Yogi Adityanath, Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister to look into the matter seriously and give assurance for the safety of Kashmiri students.

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