Class 6 student attempts suicide, was not allowed to appear in final exam

23 Mar, 2019
Class 6 student attempts suicide, was not allowed to appear in final exam

NOIDA- A 13-year old class 6 student tried to end up her life after consuming the overdose of anti-anxiety medicines since she was not allowed to take up the final exam. As per reports, she is a student in a private school and the school administration refused her to appear in the exam due to pending fee payment.

The girl is currently under medical observation in a hospital. Her mother said that her daughter is in class 6 and presently studying in a private school.

According to her mother, the school administration not only stopped her from appearing in the exam but also misbehaved with her. She was restricted from exam as Rs 5,000 were pending from the annual fee of Rs 75,000.

She said that her daughter shared the whole story and following which she went to the school to inquire the matter more closely.

“I came to know that my daughter consumed the overdose of my anti-anxiety pills at 1 PM. She was immediately taken to a nearby private hospital where she is under medical observation,” said the mother.

She also mentioned that she had informed the school that the pending fee will be paid once the final results declare, as she wanted her daughter to move to a new school from the new session.

The school management is yet to make a comment over this despite frequent attempts of contacting their staff. No police FIR or complaint has been lodged till now.

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