Clash in Punjab University, 10 Students Injured

11 Oct, 2018
Clash in Punjab University, 10 Students Injured

Noida: On October 10, there was a clash among the students in the campus of Punjab University and about 10 got injured. These students were the part of DSO or Democratic Students Organization. The students that have been injured put the blame on the parties of other students that include SYFI or the Secular Youth Federation of India, SAP or the Students Association of Punjab and also the officials of the University for supporting the violence.

Among the injured students, there were the member of DSO – Amarjit, Harbir, Ajaib, Surveer, Jagtar Awara,  Jaspreet, Lalit, Rajvir Kaur, Sanjeev and Gurmukh. Rajvir, Surveer, and Jaspreet are the injured girl students that were immediately taken to the Government Rajindra Hospital along with other students for treatment. Those who had undergone serious injuries on their head were Ajaib, Amarjit, and Gurmukh.

Apart from the violence and injuries, the disruptive elements did not even leave the office space of the Vice Chancellor and broke the table, windows, doors and other infrastructure.

Surveer, a DSO member who got injuries stated, “There were more than hundreds of people who came and attacked them when they were at the office of Vice Chancellor. She put allegations on the students of the Secular Youth Federation of India and the Students Association of Punjab.

There was another member of DSO who got injuries on head – Amarjit. He quoted that there were some officials of the university campus who were also the part of the violence. They were constantly in favor of SYFI and SAP leaders and were supporting the attack. He further said that we will not stop our protest.

Amandeep Singh, one more student of the University College of Engineering and also the activist of DSO, quoted, “The leaders and students of SAP and that of Department of Physical Education attacked us.”

The authorities of the university that include GS Batra, Dean, Academics, visited the area where the clash took place. He stated, “We rushed to the site of the incident as soon as we were intimated about the same. We also attempted to save the students.” Further, he expressed his disappointment for this unfortunate incident and added that such kind of violence will not be tolerated inside the university campus.

DSP, City 2, Sukh Amrit Randhawa, who also visited the university, stated, “There was a clash among the students in the university campus. Some students got injured. They have been instantly rushed to the hospital for proper treatment. We will further take their statements.” He also added that the police reached the place after the incident was happened.

SAP leader Lovepreet stated about the allegations, “Students of the Physical Education Department attacked the DSO students over an embroilment with Nishan Singh that was happened a day before on Sunday. SAP was not the part of this clash.”

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