Chandigarh HC refuses petition of NIT student to give 17 compartment exams

28 Nov, 2018
Chandigarh HC refuses petition of NIT student to give 17 compartment exams

NOIDA- After wasting 9 years in NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, an engineering student of NIT, Kurukshetra appealed in the Chandigarh High Court to let him appear for his 17 compartment exams this year. In response to his appeal, the chief justice Krishna Murari criticized him for wasting the government money in his engineering course for nine long years, and advised him to change his profession for his good and for sake of the country so the government funds can be used in a better way.

The NIT student entered the college in year 2009 and failed to graduate in 4 years of time period. The institute provided him a chance of four years again, to complete his graduation successfully but again he could not clear the exams, for which he made an excuse of some personal problems.

He pleaded the court to be merciful and let him give the compartment exams and he will clear the exams positively if opportunity given. To which the CJ Murari replied that if he couldn’t do it in 9 years then he cannot clear it all in one attempt so he should stop wasting his time and government’s money in accomplishing the task he cannot do and be merciful to others who are worthy of the resources he wasted over these years and give up on becoming an engineer.

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