CBSE Terminates the Affiliation of Deharadun School where a Student was gang-raped

26 Sep, 2018
CBSE Terminates the Affiliation of Deharadun School where a Student was gang-raped

Noida 26th September 2018: On August 14, the heinous crime occurred in Dehradun School where 16-year-old girl was gang raped by four boys and the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has terminated the affiliation of that boarding school.

CBSE stated that the decision was given post “due deliberation” of the matter. They found the staff members and the authorities of the school guilty in hiding the facts and evidences related to this crime.

CBSE has given a provisional affiliation to the boarding school of Dehradun from April 2015 to March 2018. Further extension of the affiliation time was applied by the school.

On Monday, CBSE headquarters in Delhi issued a letter mentioning about the details of this case and send the same to the Regional Office of CBSE in Dehradun. The letter stated, “After considering the recommendations by the state government, competent authority of the Board post due deliberation, has taken the decision not to approve the extension of the school and also dismiss the past provisional affiliation that was given for  Secondary and Senior Secondary grade, with instant effect.”

CBSE also raised the order that the school should not be allowed to provide admissions to any of the students in Classes IX, X, XI, and XII. The letter also quoted that the career of the students who are in the classes of X and XII needs to be saved and hence they will be permitted to give the board exam of 2018

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