CBSE Makes the Way Easy For Class 10th Students to Pass the Exam

11 Oct, 2018
CBSE Makes the Way Easy For Class 10th Students to Pass the Exam

On October 10, CBSE or The Central Board of Secondary Education might change its criteria for qualifying marks in case of the 10th class students. As per the sources, exactly like in the year 2018, in 2019 also, the students could be expected to attain minimum score of 33% as the passing marks in both the theory and practical.

The Central education Board could also modify its policy to make sure that the criteria or layout of the passion score is forwarded to other subsequent examinations. CBSE official stated, “The education board has inclined its decision towards extending this scheme further to all the examinations of class 10th.”

Earlier in 2018, CBSE had thought about the execution of this criterion of combined passing mark only as a single-time process. From the year 2019, CBSE board was expected to segregate the requirements of passing score passing mark for theory and internals. In the year 2010, the CEE or Comprehensive and Continuous Evaluation and the optional Board exam came into existence and stayed effective till the year 2017. The system of assessment got altered in the year 2018.

Karwal quoted, “The current batch of 10th standard of year 2018 is coming all the way from a different evaluation background when they were in 9th standard in 2017.

As per the stats and figures, the large number of students who have appeared for the exam of class 10th in previous years attained more marks in theory in comparison to the practical. Now, the students need only 33% as combined score to qualify the examination.

According to the fresh regulations, the students are expected to balance the good score in both practical as well as theory in order to qualify the exam of class 10th. On the flip side, if the present policy decision is executed, the students need to be intact with the previous formula and are supposed to attain 33% in theory and practical as overall score.

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