CBSE introduced new curriculum, announces sport period daily in schools for classes 1 to 12

25 Jul, 2019
CBSE introduced new curriculum, announces sport period daily in schools for classes 1 to 12

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has introduced the new curriculum for CBSE schools across the country, there will be one period of sports per day compulsory for classes 1 to 12 from session 2019-20. The CBSE also aiming to provide a focused curriculum for health and physical education including life skills in all CBSE affiliated schools. The curriculum consists of four strands consisting of individual and group activities, sports, health education, and social empowerment.

The syllabus being introduced by the CBSE also include children with special needs. As per the CBSE circular, in many games, certain techniques including the use of sign language, wheelchairs, etc have been introduced to help differently-abled children. Yoga has also been introduced as a skill subject from the new academic session along with two other courses which are artificial intelligence and early childhood care.

CBSE spokesperson, Rama Sharma, said, “The motive is to include physical activity in children’s daily routine. If a child shows interest or has the capability to do well in certain games or athletics they will be provided with focused training too.” In case of absence of specialized sports teacher, as per the rules, the class in-charge will be responsible to note that each student participates in some kind of physical activity.

The said in a written statement that “This will lead to better stress management for children, create a better environment for learning and enable students to attain an optimum state of health.”

The syllabus will be divided into four strands and there would be no theory classes for the same. The strand one includes at least one activity is to be taken up by each student. Students can change their chosen activity throughout the year. The class as a whole will also participate in group activities. The first strand consists of athletics, team games, adventure sports, individual games, and swimming. The strand two consists of health and fitness, and strand three is for Social Empowerment through Work Education and Action (SEWA) and strand four is for health and activity card. The strand one will have most weightage of 50 marks while the strand two and three will consist of 25 marks each contributing to a total of 100 marks.

Earlier this year, the CBSE also announced to make arts compulsory for all classes 1 to 12. Every school has been asked to compulsorily reserve a minimum of two periods per week, per class, for art education. All the four main streams covered by the term arts, such as music, dance, visual arts, and theatre, should be included in this period.

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