CBSE Class 10 English Exam to be commenced Tomorrow: Check Pattern & Marking Scheme here

22 Mar, 2019
CBSE Class 10 English Exam to be commenced Tomorrow

Class 10th candidates of CBSE will appear for their English communicative/English language, literature examination tomorrow i.e. 23 March 2019. English is a compulsory subject for all the candidates. The timings of the examination are 10:30 AM to 1:30 PM. Candidates should be familiar with pattern and marking of the examination.

There will be three sections in both the papers i.e. English communicative/English language, literature. First section will be passage reading section and will carry 20 marks. First section is mostly read and answers type section. Candidates can easily get marks in this section if they answer the questions smartly. Section two will be writing section and third will be grammar section. Literature section will carry 30 marks.

In reading section, candidates will be provided with a passage. Candidates will be required to read it carefully before attempting the questions. This section will also contain questions of grammar. There will be multiple choice questions also available. Internal choice will be given in this section. This section is most marks gaining section.

In writing section, Candidates will be required to write a letter or story. Story will contain a starting line and after that candidates will complete it with their own imagination. For this section, candidates should be familiar with the format. Letter writing will carry 8 marks. The title of story will carry 1 Mark. In this section also, internal choice will be available. In this section, candidates will be marked for their content, format, accuracy and fluency.

Section three will carry grammar questions.  There will be sentences with errors and candidates will be required to correct them.

The literature section will carry questions from the textbooks. Candidates should be familiar with all the chapters. There will be choice given in the last section. Candidates can score good marks in this section also by preparing the chapters of textbook properly.'
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