CBSE Announces Schedule for Secondary Practical Examinations

19 Dec, 2018
CBSE Announces Schedule for Secondary Practical Examinations

NOIDA- Central Board of Secondary Education has proclaimed that the practical examinations for all the affiliated students will be conducted from January 16 to February 15 2019. For all the states the practical examinations will be conducted at the same time except for the state of Allahabad where it will be conducted from January 1 2019 due to the occasion of Kumbh Mela.

The practical examination for all the subjects must be conducted in two sessions in a day if the number of candidates is more than 20. The scores of the respective students are uploaded on the date of examination from the school where practical examinations are going to be conducted by the external examiner.

CBSE has also come with the proclamation that the ASL that is conducted for a totality of 10 marks will be conducted for the subjects Hindi Elective and Hindi Core with subject codes namely, 002 and 302 internally by the schools. The project or assignment work for a\both the subjects will be assessed internally by the schools themselves.

In order to qualify in the Hindi Elective and Hindi Core, the students need to obtain an aggregate of 33% score in both project as well as ASL taken together with that of theory. Marks obtained in ASL and project out of 20 marks of totality will be uploaded in the link to be provided for uploading both practical and theory marks altogether.

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