CBSE 12th students start online petition for lenient checking for Physics paper

09 Mar, 2019

NOIDA– On March 5, the Physics paper of CBSE 12th class was conducted. Just after writing the exam, tweets of students stormed saying that the Physics question paper was very much difficult. The unison of students raised voice that the paper was too difficult to solve in mere three hours. The panic among the students regarding the tough physics paper hasn’t lowered down even after four days.

Now, the students, out of anxiety, have started an online petition requesting the CBSE to be lenient while checking the papers and apply soft marking so that the score of the students remains unaffected.

The petition has been receiving overwhelming response and more than 1 lakh signatures are registered till now in the support of the demand saying CBSE should be lenient while checking the answer sheets of Physics.

The petitions alleged that the question paper was full of tricky questions and it took a lot of time in solving the 3-mark questions in section C of the paper. The time for revision was just one day.

Another point mentioned in the petition is the abortion of moderation policy after previous year and it’s not fair this year that the students neither have the entitlement for moderation policy nor board exam syllabus reduction.

CBSE hasn’t reacted to this online petition by the students yet. Students were continuously tweeting to Prakash Javadekar, CBSE, and other concerned bodies to take the congizence of their grievances and helping them out.

The students had filed online petition earlier as well. CBSE students earlier have also issued such petitions to draw the board’s attention towards their grievance. Last year, the petition was raised against the board exam schedule and the students made complaint that the gap between the exams was not adequate for the preparation.

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