Cabinet Approves Education MoU with Afghanistan

18 Dec, 2018
Cabinet Approves Education MoU with Afghanistan

NOIDA: The union Cabinet has shown green signal to enable the Afghan students to share and access the learning and teaching resources in India. An MoU has been signed by the cabinet regarding the same.

This MoU is all about making the ‘SWAYAM’ course accessible to the students and faculty members of Afghanistan-based educational institutions.

SWAYAM programme has been designed by the Indian government to accomplish quality, equality, and easy access in education. The major purpose of this initiative is making the best learning and teaching resources available to everyone, mainly the people deprived of digital education.

This agreement will enable the teachers and students of Afghanistan to upload the courses designed over there on SWAYAM. Human Resource Ministry will be responsible for imparting the needed training to the faculty and students from Afghanistan, as per an official statement.

As per the MoU, Indian government would make the SWAYAM accessible and share the technology that drives major ICT initiatives in education, such as Spoken Tutorials, Virtual Labs, National Digital Library of India (NDLI), etc.

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