Bihar’s Super 30 again rocked in JEE Advanced Results 2019

15 Jun, 2019
Bihar’s Super 30 again rocked in JEE Advanced Results 2019

Two super 30s in Bihar, which are run separately by a physics teacher and mathematician Abhayanand and Anand, yet again scripted success stories. Out of 21 students in Abhayanand’s Institute, 15 students cracked the JEE (Advanced), and out of 30 students of Anand Kumar, 18 students cleared the entrance. These two teachers parted their ways in 2007 after collaborating for four years for the award-winning concept of ‘Super 30’.

Both the super 30s have students who are successful and from poor social-economic backgrounds, it is a forte of the Super 30 concept. Anand Kumar’s biopic, focusing on success stories of the concept is due to release soon.

At Anand Kumar’s Institute, a boy from Jharkhand who is ranked 6361 in the general category, said, “My elder brother supported me by doing odd jobs after my father left home seven years ago and did not return and the boy’s name was Anand Chaurasia.”

Meanwhile, in Abhayanand’s Super 30, Satyam Kumar from Lakhisarai who secured a rank of 2160 said that his father is an auto driver and he always had a strong wish in which he dreamt of going to IIT.

Ankit Kumar who is another successful student said that he is from the Aurangabad village and his father is handicapped and his family has a few cows. On his part, Abhayanand said that it is our attempt to give back to society and ensure transparency in education.

Anand Kumar said that the journey for our successful students begins now. For ourselves, we have set high standards and for our successful students the variation in numbers does not matter.

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