Bhubaneswar Government hosts Storytelling Festival for Differently-Abled Children

11 Dec, 2018
Bhubaneswar Government hosts Storytelling Festival for Differently-Abled Children

NOIDA- On Monday, “BhuFeSto”, an international storytelling fest was organized for differently-abled children in Bhubaneswar where children with hearing and visual imparities enjoyed the special storytelling sessions. Artist Deepa Kiran hit the stage with the performance of Ramayana with a tweak in form of musical storytelling and the children were quite elated with the musical narration of this saga. The artists performed the storytelling in both the ways- verbal as well as Indian sign language.

Kiran, the artist said that the performance was especially for the deaf and to change the perception of people who think deafness is a disability. Deaf people have full capability to do wonders in life.

Manganiars, a group of musicians from Rajasthan also participated in the festival and their story narrations about kings and heritage of Rajasthan were performed using the traditional instruments like Kamaicha, Kartal and Morchan.

Sujit Mahapatra, Director of the festival was grateful to Bhubaneswar government and Bhubaneswar Development Authority acting as the host of the festival. He said that hosting this event is a great initiative to create the brand identity for Bhubaneswar.

He added that Bhubaneswar will emerge as a child-friendly smart city due to significant contribution by the comprehensive nature and motto of this festival.

Besides of Indian storytellers, there were internationally-acknowledge storytellers who shared stories depicting their culture. Paula Martin a storyteller from Argentina, Sabrina Raushan from France, Wajuppa Todas from Thailand, Wangari Grace from Kenya beautifully portrayed their stories by exhibiting different art forms and playing vivid musical instruments.

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