Bhopal’s Barkatullah University to Invent Adarsh Bahu Course

15 Sep, 2018
Bhopal’s Barkatullah University to Invent Adarsh Bahu Course

Noida, 15th September- The Barkatullah University in Bhopal has commenced with a pledge to engage into the practice and preaching of preparing Adarsh Bahu or model daughter’s-in-law from the upcoming session. The practice is going to pounce over the society with vivid repercussions, especially over the womenfolk. The University acclaims that session is strongly motivated towards keeping women empowerment in mind.

The Barkatullah University’s Vice Chancellor D.C Gupta declared in his interview that the Adarsh Bahu course is decisive three month tenure training for making the girls know the tips to become ideal women with the skill to tackle all evils with great expertise. The prime cause of elaborating the course is to enhance the bond between the members in a family and not only about enhancing the relationship between the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law intact. It cites all the basic propaganda to keep the bonds between the members of a family intact without letting it break apart.

The Vice Chancellor has stated some of the basic points that the course of Adarsh Bahu will count on. They are namely, delaing with difficult situations, save the family from breaking apart for any cause, drive away the social evils from the society, stop situations leading to the divorce cases, strive away child custodies, and all other relation oriented issues that breaks and makes a family. According to the head of the Department of Psychology K.N Tripathi, the course is a safe and appreciable step towards bringing positive changes in the society with motivations of dismantling every nook that disturb the well being of the families across the country and the personal life is endured among all other spheres counted as important.

With the immense busy schedules of masses across the country, the family bonds are shattering without the proper care and nurture leading to all the joint families transforming into the nuclear families, lately. So, in a way the new approach is the contribution of the educational bodies to save the personal aspects of life so that social evils can no longer break the families. The course will act as a completely new approach to pluck in the concepts that can curtail the gaps and give birth to new peaceful relations where understanding, love, care and emotions of each and every member is respected and taken into consideration.

Lastly, according to the reports and analysis Asha Shukla, the head of the Department of Women’s Education said that she did was no aware of such a course earlier than the announcement approach of the Bhopal University.

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