Bengal Colleges to Follow UGC Notification for not Retaining Certificates of Students

10 Nov, 2018
Bengal Colleges to Follow UGC Notification for not Retaining Certificates of Students

NOIDA:  West Bengal Education Minister Partha Chatterjee on Thursday concurred with the UGC notification and clarified that no college has right to retain the original documents or certificates of the students applying for different courses.

As per Chatarjee, UGC has instructed that Higher Education Institutions (HEI) have no authority to retain the original certificates or marksheets of the student. UGC notification also has a clause for prospectus, which is yet to be checked by him.

According to him, every HEI doesn’t publish the hard-copy of the prospectus; rather they provide the download link for the same on their websites.

UGC notification clearly says that no HEI can force a student to submit their original testimonials like certificates, marksheet, and transfer certificate, etc. while submitting the admission form. Though the HEIs have right to check the documents for verification purposes and return the same immediately.

The notice also elaborates the fee refund provision for the students who withdraw from the admission. Also, no HEI can ask the students to buy the institutional prospectus mandatorily. It will depend on the students whether they want to buy the prospectus or not.

UGC is the regulatory body which is always active to issue the guidelines and amend the existing rules in the favor of students as well as institutional bodies. West Bengal Education Minister had emphasized on follow the recent UGC notice by all the Bengal colleges.

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