Beagles for Delhi Nursery Admissions Blow from Today

15 Dec, 2018
Beagles for Delhi Nursery Admissions Blow from Today

NOIDA: On Saturday, the race of parents for securing the admission of their tiny toddlers in Nursery has begun. The leading schools have already published the criteria and provided the application forms on Friday.

This year the process has started two weeks earlier than the last year. On Friday, city’s 1,600-odd government recognised private schools finalized the criteria for public to get their kids’ admissions secured in Nursery, kindergarten, and 1st standard.

25% of total seats have been reserved by the schools for the children who belong to economically weaker sections (EWS) or disadvantaged groups (DG), as per the government orders. The schools are free to set the eligibility criteria for rest of the seats.

Contention between Delhi Government and Schools

“The state government and private schools have never reached a conclusion over the flexibility of private schools in point allocation criteria while admission. A petition was filed against government in the Delhi High Court for the government order in 2016. This petition was about the abolishment of 62 criteria which were unreasonable for private schools and swipe away all the quota reservations, apart from 25% for EWS/DG. According to the judgment of high court, “promoters of a school who make investment at their own personal risk are fully entitled to full autonomy in administration, including right to admit students”. After the partial stay by Delhi HC, government has released a list of 50 ineligible students along with their parents’ qualification, interview, oral test, occupation of the parents, etc.

The proximity of applicant’s residence from school is the prime criterion in most of the schools while allotting points. These points vary from school to school- 30 in Vasant Valley School to 70 in Bluebells International School. Reputed schools like Mother’s International School and Ahlcon International have also allocated different points for different localities. Also, most of the other schools have allocated the points distance wise, such as 40 points for 0-3 km, 35 for 3-6, 30 for 6-8 and 25 for 8-15 is the point allocation method adopted by DPS RK Puram.

The way to nursery admission is easier for the kids whose parents were alumni at the same school or they have siblings studying in the school they are applying for.

Most of the prestigious private schools have reserved 20% of their overall seats under the management quota. In 2016, Directorate of Education tried to prohibit the management quota but Delhi High Court put a stay on the government order. Moreover, a good number of schools have reserved 5% as their staff quota, apart from management quota. On the other hand, Director of Education Sanjay Goel said that the management quota of 20% should cover the reservation for wards of the staff, and school should not reserve seats for staff’s children separately.

The other points of criteria include first-born child, single child, a baby girl, legally adopted child, or the kids having single parent. Schools have the right to select the criteria, but Directorate of education found few of the disallowed criteria by school ‘non-transparent, unfair, and unreasonable’.

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